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  • What is a Model United Nations?
    Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic program designed to teach students about contemporary events in international relations and politics. Students participating in MUN simulate committees in the United Nations by playing the role of delegates from countries all over the world. Students are assigned to a country and are provided with topics, developed by the FWWMUN staff, prior to the conference, and they debate and discuss them with other youth from all around the world in an attempt to find viable solutions to the problems. The process is designed to exercise students’ ability to speak, write, research, negotiate, and think critically about the most pressing issues of today's world.
  • What is Future We Want Model United Nations?
    FWWMUN is an educational program that brings together future generations of leaders from all corners of the globe to gain first-hand experience in international relations, to produce high-quality resolutions aimed at bringing about the Future We Want, and to submit these resolutions to relevant UN agencies and world leaders for consideration. ​ FWWMUN begins with a series of workshops delivered by UN Officials and Diplomats about Youth Involvement, the SDGs, and Leadership. Furthermore, during the first committee session, delegates will have the opportunity to engage at a High Level by benefitting from experts in their field on the committee topics. During the years, several events of the FWWMUN were held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Today, the FWWMUN is the largest MUN platform for selected youth and it includes also regional workshops in the five continents: a unique concept made possible only thanks to the support of the partnering governmental institutions. ​ If you are looking for an engaging experience that will challenge and enhance the capabilities of delegates from every skill level, then FWWMUN is the right conference for you. As the largest and most diverse high school and university conference in the world, FWWMUN provides students with exposure to the world's most pressing issues, an array of top-quality and academically rigorous preparation and training materials, direct access to diplomats, ambassadors, and government officials, and the unique experience of deep immersion into the United Nations system itself.
  • What are the steps to register and to participate to FWWMUN?
    1. Go on the event's page of your choice on 2. Register and pay the registration fee. 3. Register on mymun and request us to defer your payment on platform (in case you haven't paid on mymun). 4. Choose your preferred country assignment. 5. Your application is accepted. 6. Book your hotel and flight. 7. Request your Invitation Letter (should you need a VISA to travel). 8. Your country assignment is processed. 9. You can start preparing your Position Paper. 10. Background Guides are posted for your researches. 11. Submit your Position Paper. 12. Prepare your luggage. 13. Fly to FWWMUN.
  • Who is eligible to be a delegate at FWWMUN programs?
    FWWMUN Conferences are only open to youths 14-28 years old, enrolled in a High School, College or a University program.
  • How can I apply for FWWMUN programs?
    Prospective delegates apply to FWWMUN through website or, then will be notified of their acceptance or rejection within two weeks of their application.
  • Applying Individually VS Applying as a delegation
    An individual delegate applies as a person not as part of a School/College/University/Club group. Delegations are groups of 2 or more delegates organized by a Society/Club/University/School member accompanied by Chaperones.
  • What are the requirements to apply as a delegation?
    A delegation is a group of student delegates that must have either a Head Delegate who is a student on the team or a Faculty Advisor.
  • What are the requirements for Head Delegate or Faculty Advisor?
    The Head Delegate or Faculty Advisor will serve as the delegation “Leader” and be the primary liaison for FWWMUN updates and administrative emails from the Secretariat. After acceptance of the delegation on MyMUN, the Head Delegate or Faculty Advisor can add delegates to their delegation. Head Delegates or Faculty Advisors can pay fees on behalf of their delegation or individual delegates can pay separately. Head Delegates will also attend Head Delegate & Faculty Advisor Meetings during the conference, where the Secretary-General will provide updates.
  • What can I do if I wish to increase the amount of delegates I am bringing?
    any delegation wishing to increase the number of delegates it brings to the conference must contact the FWWMUN staff to add delegates to the waitlist.
  • Are High School and University students attending together within the same committee?
    At FWWMUN University and High School Students are registered in different committees depending on their age and MUN experience. We are sure you'll find your FWW committee challenging enough to improve your skills and knowledge. FWWMUN Committees work is based on strong competition and cooperation, as real-world diplomacy and the UN.
  • When is Registration Fee due?
    Once accepted, Delegates shall pay the Registration Fee through the payment platforms set on or within two weeks. If payment is not received, the delegates’ application will be revoked and the delegate will need to re-apply in the remaining open application period.
  • How much is the Registration Fee to FWWMUN program?
    Registration Fee may vary depending on the location of the FWWMUN program and on how early are you applying to the program. Generally, FWWMUN Registration Fee ranges $75-$150.
  • I'm facing an issue with the payment on, what should I do?
    Please reach out to us through the form below and send us a screenshot of the issue faced.
  • I'm facing issues with the payment, can I pay by Wire Transfer?
  • I've paid the Registration Fee, but I have changed my mind, can I have a refund?
    Conference registration fees are non-refundable, except in case of VISA rejection. In case of VISA rejection the registration fee will remain valid for a period of 24 months to enroll to any other FWWMUN program of your choice.
  • When will I receive my country assignment?
    You will not be assigned countries until the registration fees have been paid in full. Once payment is processed our Operation Team will process your Country Assignment on a rolling basis. When this is done, you'll receive a notification via email.
  • Am I guaranteed to receive my country preference?
    A country preference is not a guarantee to receiving this country assignment, and all decisions of the FWWMUN Secretariat regarding country assignments are final.
  • Will the registration fee be refunded if a school does not accept its country assignment?
    The registration fee will not be refunded even if a school does not accept its country assignment. All assignments and decisions are final. The FWWMUN Secretariat reserves the right to remove spots from an already assigned country if the delegation fails to fill all the assigned spots.
  • Do I Need a Visa to travel?
    Attending a conference in a country different than yours may require a VISA to travel. Please consult the website of the consulate/embassy of the FWWMUN hosting country to check whether a VISA is needed. For example if you want to attend FWWMUN in New York City, you should check the website of the US consulate/embassy in your country and book an appointment. For most appointments and VISA procedures you will need an Invitation Letter. Said Invitation Letter will be available to you once your registration is confirmed and your fees paid.
  • How to request a VISA Letter?
    Once your application is accepted and your registration fee paid, you'll receive a link to a form that will then generate your Invitation Letter. Only paid applicants are eligible to receive an Invitation Letter. A letter will not be issued until the registration fee has been paid (and you have confirmed your delegate numbers). In addition, we may request confirmation from your school that you are a currently enrolled student. Letters may take at least 5 business days to process. The faculty advisor or head delegate should submit a request for VISA Letter well in advance of your group’s visa interview: - It must include: the date of your visa appointment, address of the embassy / consulate where your appointment is scheduled, and data for everyone from your delegation who needs a visa. Include their names, dates of birth, country of citizenship, passport numbers, and passport expiration dates. - Only one letter per school will be issued listing all applicants. Failure to secure your visas before the payment deadline will result in your delegation being withdrawn from the conference. Regular Registration Fee is refunded only when VISA procedure is run at least 90 days prior to the conference.
  • Are there discounts for hotels and flights?
    We have a partnership with Emirates and few other Airline Companies, and delegates may request a promotional code after their acceptance and Registration Fees payment. Further, FWWMUN chose among the best hotel facilities available in town and negotiate incredible advantagious deals. booking hotel with us will definitely provide you with a great value added in consideration of the location-price-confort to access the conference.
  • I need to stay at the Venue Hotel extra nights prior/after the conference, what should I do?
    You can book and pay on your extra nights. Before processing that, please contact us making sure there is still availability at the hotel and by specifying the exact dates of your stay.
  • I have booked and paid the hotel for my delegation through MyMun, what am I expected to do now?
    Once you request rooms at the Conference Venue hotel, our team will reach out to you with a template to insert the full names of your room block. If you haven't received our template by 60 days before the event, please reach out to us to make sure your reservation has been correctly processed and to provide the list of names for the rooms.
  • Are the Accommodation Fees refundable?
    Accommodation fees are refundable as follows: >75 days to the conference = refundable 100% >45 days to the conference = refundable 50% <45 days to the conference = non refundable In case of a refund, a processing fee of 25 USD is deducted from each refunded application.
  • What is the FWWMUN cancellation policy?
    FWWMUN programs will take place regardless of the weather conditions. FWWMUN is unable to provide refunds to delegations that choose not to attend due to inclement weather, health epidemic, or other non-government mandated reasons. Additionally, FWWMUN reserves the right to cancel the conference in the case of extreme circumstances, including (but not limited to) health epidemic, major natural disaster, power failures, and armed conflicts. In this case, FWWMUN may provide a refund to registered delegations.
  • How do I receive my Certificate of Participation?
    All Certificates and Awards are delivered on-site, during the Closing Ceremony of each FWWMUN Conference. Make sure you pick up yours before leaving the Conference Premises.
  • I forgot to pick up my Certificate/Award, what should I do?
    In case you forgot or you were unable to retrieve your Certificate or Award you can request to us via form below the digital copy. Please make sure to attach a proof of your participation such as a copy of your Conference Badge.
  • Am I eligible for financial aid?
    To apply for FWWMUN Financial Aid, you must be eligible to attend the conference. The Scholarship and Financial Aid Program is only made available for Delegates. No other participant (Assistant Chairs, Faculty Advisors, Volunteers) can apply for this program. To be considered as part of the Financial Aid program, you should have attempted to secure aid from other avenues such as assistance from a school, NGO or other bodies supporting students.
  • How do I apply for financial aid?
    FWWMUN offers a limited number of fee waivers (waived delegate fees) to those who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference due to limited school funding or personal constraints. The application cycle for fee waivers will be open on a rolling basis, depending on the Conference. Decisions will be announced via email to the applicant. An application for a fee waiver does not guarantee funding for the full or partial amount of aid requested. The Fee Waiver Application can be found here: INSERT FORM.


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