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Are you interested in joining the Secretariat Team of FWWMUN? Please see below for information regarding the positions, benefits, and application.

The Secretariat is responsible for organizing all logistical, substantive, marketing, and communications aspects of the conference, and its goal is to manage all preparation work to ensure that the participants have the best conference experience possible. The Secretariat will work with and report up to FWWMUN Board in the conference organizing process.


  • Must be currently enrolled or have recently graduated from university. Current university students are preferred.

  • Prior experience working with relevant MUN organizations is highly preferred.

  • Prior experience organizing Model UN conferences in a leadership role is required.

  • Must be committed to producing all pre-conference and on-site deliverables in a timely manner. If selected, FWWMUN will become your number one Model UN priority.

  • Ideal candidates should display professionalism, be responsive to communications, be open to constructive feedback, and have strong communication skills and problem solving skills.

  • Must be available to travel to the location of the conference and be available during the entire program.


  • Opportunity to work with FWWMUN, its partners, and an international Secretariat Team.

  • Four nights of shared accommodation at the Conference Hotel.

  • Travel stipend awarded after completion of the conference.

  • Pocket money delivered after completion of the conference.

Positions Available

  • Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General.

  • USG for Committees, USG for Logistics, USG for Press & Media, USG Administration.

  • USG for Delegates & Faculty Relations.

  • Chairs & Rapporteurs.

  • Logistics & Press Officer.

  • Regional & Country Representative.


  • Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General: The Secretary-General, the Deputy and the Assistant have both organizational and substantive roles in FWWMUN. Organizationally, the Secretary-General, along with the Deputy, manages the Secretariat to ensure that all project deliverables leading up to the conference and during the event are complete, on-time, and of high quality. This position is highly recommended for those with prior experience organizing large MUN conferences.

  • USG for Committees: The USGs for Committees are responsible for all substantive aspects of the conference including the recruitment, training, and management of Chairs, Vice-Chairs, and Rapporteurs for each of their assigned committees. Past experience supervising and training Chairs is preferred, and experience with writing Background Guides and preparing delegate training materials are two additional traits that would make a strong candidate.

  • USG for Logistics: The USG for Logistics is responsible for all logistical aspects of the conference including facilities, audio/visual equipment, supplies, logistics plans, and on-site event management. Past experience serving as a conference organizer overseeing logistics or conference services is highly recommended for this position. Experience with event management at the United Nations specifically is highly preferred. In addition, the ideal candidates will be detail-oriented and organized.

  • USG for Press & Media: The USG for Press & Media is responsible for the creation of mass media before and during the conference as well as overseeing the simulation of the press team. Past experience serving as a conference organizer in a marketing, social media, or press team role is highly recommended for this position, and multimedia (graphic design, photography and videography) technical skills would make for a strong candidate.

  • USG Administration:  The USG for Administration is responsible for managing the logistics of the conference and supervising the work of the USG for Press & Media, USG for Registration, USG for Logistics.

  • Regional and Country Representative: Serve as the official representative of FWW in your region; encourage your Youth Ambassadors to focus on a particular goal within their local communities applicable to the needs of the people; develop marketing campaigns for their regions; promote the initiatives and FWW conferences to other youths in your area of focus.



  • Highly qualified candidates will be selected for an interview.

  • Questions about the positions can be directed to

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