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FWWMUN has been helping educate & enable youth since 2018 with over 14 conferences and workshops held across the world attended by thousands of students & young professionals. We continue to be proud of being able to offer such conferences at discounted rates and offering scholarships to selected students. We are looking to further expand the scholarship programs to high-achieving students in financial difficulties to cover additional travel costs. In addition, we are looking to have sponsors- and partnerships within the technology sector to assist us in delivering workshops dedicated to educating students on the SDGs "Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development".

Sponsor Acknowledgment & Branding

Sponsoring organizations are explicitly mentioned during introductory talks of every session at the conference. Including. workshops, opening & closing ceremonies. Logo branding of the sponsors is also possible to be placed on our banners. 

Experts Panel

Sponsoring organizations are encouraged to hold a workshop on a preferred topic concerning the SDGs. 

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Recruitment Booth

With over 3000 young students & professionals, sponsoring organizations may setup recruitment booths onsite during the conference duration

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